Sunday, March 20, 2011

I though JUST sales were slow

What a weekend! I have loved the warm weather but not loving Etsy so much!  Sales are nonexistant and view are very low! Yesterday I only got 31 page views.  I used to get around 100 a day.  Sor far today I only have 19. I have heard that March was a slow month, but this is terrible!  I have added a lot of new items and I have been promoting a lot.  I am having to find  new ways to promote.  I used to use the forums and chat rooms to promote but now that I am not allowed in the community I am having to get real creative on how I promote! I have been using facebook a lot (!/pages/Madelines-Jewelry-Box/176950565672023 ).  Any tips on other creative ways to promote without using the Etsy community?!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
~Busy Beader


  1. Have you ever thought of opening a Twitter account? I found I get more exposure with Twitter rather than Facebook.

  2. All I have other than etsy is my blog- no facebook and no twitter. I'm behind the times! It's ok, though, the slow times give me time to think up new ideas and take a break! :)