Monday, July 4, 2011

Sand Throwers

The warm sand between my toes, a breeze coming off the ocean, and.....sand being thrown???
When I was really little I would go to the beach and sit on my towel with my feet and arms up in the air. The purpose of that? TO NOT TOUCH ANY SAND. I hated being dirty! Sand would just about do me in! I would just sit there and watch. I didn't shove fist fulls of it into my mouth like my sister or make sandcastles like my cousins. I would just sit there.

Even today I am still not fond of the sand. I do not like to have any sand on me higher than my knees and I hate it on my towel. So when my little cousins came to the beach....lets just say I was hating a lot....
My cousin Emily (8) picks up her towels and shakes it up and down, up and down so that the wind picks it ALL up and dumps it on me. UGH! I told her walk away when you do that.....well she didn't remember that little bit of happened four more times. Then my other cousin John (10) comings running by for his towel and kick a pound of sand onto me (higher than my knees) and all over my towel. Double UGH!

I love going to the beach. The ocean, sea glass glass, shells, people watching, naps, tanning, finishing a book, boats, beach games...etc. I love it all....everything but the sand!


Busy Beader

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