Friday, January 21, 2011

Busy busy busy!

Wow! What a crazy month! There has been a lot going on! This week I have had 3 basketball games to cheer for and 2 other cheering practices and a boat load of homework! .....and of course all I want to do is bead, which makes it hard! I am very very excited to tell everyone that I tomorrow I will be sending an application to sell my jewelry in downtown Richmond (VA) at a art festival held on the first friday of each month from 7p.m-10p.m. I can't wait! Fingers crossed that they accept me! It just really it me hard yesterday that in less then two months I will be taking mmy learners driving test! This means in December I will be able to drive!  I am working extra hard trying to make lots and lots jewelry to hopefully sell that this festival because I will be buying a car in December. Even though I think it would be a great Christmas parents think differnently! Figures, right?

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