Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a bust!

Well last night I had my second craft show that year....I made $11.00. Pitiful right? The last time I did this same festival was just two months ago and I made $150.00.  Not many of the vendors did well.  For me March was not a very good month for sales. I do not know what exactly caused March to be such a terrible month for me?! I have talked to a lot of people on Etsy that have said March was the best month yet for sales! I am just not seeing the same results! How was march for you? Did you sell??? Did you buy??? For all of you who sell on Etsy... what is/are your goal(s) for April? Mine are to at least get one sale, to reach 100 hearts, and reach 200 circles. Hopefully I will get there in not time!
Fingers crossed!
~Busy Beader

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  1. sorry about your sales. what a bummer, especially all the work and prepping that's involved in doing any festival/crafts fair.

    march was a bust too. but i haven't had a shop around very long and didn't start really working on it until the last 2 weeks. it's hard to juggle building up a shop and working a 40 hr job and having a life. hope april works in your favor!

    lovely work the by the way! :)